SAT ZONE PICKING combines all the advantages of the Stack Assist Tool (developed by our partner SAT Technologies) and smart AGV/AMR technology and brings a completely new way of order picking to the market. It prevents time-consuming activities such as searching, getting on and off, delivering and delivering pallets or driving around. The time saved translates into higher productivity, leading to lower operating costs.

With Smart Zone picking you avoid unproductive steps in your order picking process. This not only leads to high cost savings, but also to less risk of accidents and less risk of damage to goods.


  • Efficient picking
    Efficiency 3x faster vs manual pick operation
  • Fast ROI
    Payback time within 1-3 years
  • Peak management
    Increase or decrease the number of robots at any time based on the order forecast
  • Rapid implementation
    Short implementation time & Go-live within 12 weeks
  • Lower labor costs
    Reduce labor costs and intensity by up to 70%
  • Efficient use of storage space
    Increase storage space efficiency by up to 30%. Multi-storey integration for high volumes and orders with multiple SKUs
  • Lower investment
    Maintain financial liquidity with the AMR lease model
  • Accurate picking
    Achieve 99.99% accuracy
  • Safer Operations
    Meeting higher safety requirements
  • Flexible relocation
    Simple and fast re-installation of robots in case of relocation of warehouse facilities

The advantages at a glance


All WSR mixed palletizing solutions are equipped with the in-house developed WSR Server software suite. The WSR Server software is in fact the conductor of the entire end of line mixed palletizing system in a warehouse and communicates with the WMS/WCS of the customer and with the various mixed palletizing systems.