The experts in Mixed Case Palletizing

We are experts in layer de-palletizing and mixed palletizing technology for the international intralogistics market providing a complete framework for changing market requirements.

We develop and deliver optimized manual and fully automatic end of line mixed palletizing solutions (hardware and software) for both the end customer and robot/system integrators worldwide.

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Mixed Palletizing Technology

Are you looking for a mixed palletizing solution and do you want to build one yourself, then we will be happy to help you achieve this goal. In addition to our many years of expertise, we supply all the necessary hardware and software modules you need.

From manual to fully automatic

Semi- or fully automatic end of line mixed palletizing systems for efficient and fast palletizing of mixed products on pallets and roll containers.


Robo-Pick in combination with smart AMR robots, automatic mixed palletizing is possible for everyone.

OMS (Buffer-Sequencer)

Automatic mixed palletizing is accompanied by sequencing (receiving the products to be stacked in the correct order) for more flexibility and better stability.

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