WSR Solutions has developed PackMaster in collaboration with Yaskawa Nordic AB from Sweden and offers an innovative possibility to grow with the wishes of the customer. For example, you can start with a PackMaster Manual and if the volume increases or you can no longer find the people, the PackMaster can easily be upgraded with 1 or 2 robots to make the stacking fully automatic.

PackMaster consists of 3 semi- and fully automatic mixed palletising solutions for efficient palletizing of mixed products on pallets and roll containers.


  • PackMaster base
  • Includes Stack Assist Tool (SAT)
  • Capacities of 600 – 1000 per hour are realistic (85% utilization)


  • PackMaster base
  • Single GP180 robot with WSR MCP-2 gripper (2 pickup)
  • RapidPlan, RapidSense, RapidBuild
  • Capacities of 550 – 850 per hour are realistic (85% Utilization)


  • PackMaster base
  • Double GP180 robot with WSR MCP-2 grippers (2 pickup)
  • RapidPlan, RapidSense, RapidBuild
  • Capacities of 800 – 1500 per hour are realistic (85% Utilization)

SAT (Stack with instructions)

The Stack Assist Tool enables stacking through instruction. SAT ensures a smooth process, allowing stable complex mixed pallets to be stacked in one flow, without errors, without re-stacking and without training. SAT only works in combination with WSR Server.


All WSR mixed palletizing solutions are equipped with the in-house developed WSR Server software suite. The WSR Server software is in fact the conductor of the entire end of line mixed palletizing system in a warehouse and communicates with the WMS/WCS of the customer and with the various mixed palletizing systems.