Together with our selected partners we have developed a new solution to accommodate optimized mixed case palletizing. Our high-performance end of line sequence and mixed palletizing systems are designed to assemble pallets and roll containers that are ready for easy shelf restocking at the retail store.

Manual batchpick to belt or
Full automatic Order Release orderpicking
Buffer-Sequencing module
Manual or automatic mixed palletizing
Mixed palletizing on pallets and roll containers

We offer end of line mixed palletizing solutions, precise sequencing, and accommodates a wide range of SKUs. The integrated Intelligent Palletizing Software (IPS) incorporates business rules and directs the entire sequencing and palletizing process.

What does it take to get a perfect dense mixed pallet?

Our system solutions combines manual/automatic orderpicking with automatic mixed palletizing, scalability with a compact footprint and therefore enables integration into existing facilities. The scalable design allows flexible throughput variations up to several thousand cases per hour.

Mixed palletizing benefits

  • Allows easy shelf restocking at retail store
  • Cases on pallet correlate to store layout
  • High order accuracy
  • Reduction in warehouse labor & injuries
  • Compact footprint in existing space
  • Less potential for product damage
  • High-density pallets with lower transport costs
  • Lower cost per case handled
  • Accommodates various pallet sizes
  • Automatic loading of roll containers
  • Scalability to accommodate change & growth