Optimal sortation

and sequencing


Our order management sequencer (OMS) is a high density sequencing engine. Since load handling trays are not required in the process, the conveyor technology and controls are simplified.

Its flexible, scalable and modular architecture enables the OMS to adjust to the ever changing distribution environment: flexible to accommodate various case sizes, scalable to meet various activity profiles, modular to facilitate system expansion.

The OMS is a high density, high throughput sequencing engine that occupies a compact footprint. It can fit into existing building spaces: above docks, on a mezzanine, thereby effectively using the space available.

Many case sizes can be handled in the system without additional re-loading onto trays and additional mechanization and processes. Consequently the design of the OMS configuration minimizes the amount of handling steps throughout the system and reduces the order processing time significantly. This leads to lower investment costs.

Load types:
Plastic box, cardboard carton, trays, bundles, shrink wrap
Load weight within buffer-sequencer module
Capacity : Up to 25 Kg
Flex load range within buffer-sequencer
Lenght : 150 – 650 mm / 5.9” – 25.6”
Width : 150 – 650 mm / 5.9” – 25.6”
Height : 50 – 450 mm / 2” – 17.7”
Up to 1500 – 2000 (single conveyor outfeed shoots)
Up to 2000 - >4000 (multiple conveyor outfeed shoots)
Operating environment
Temperature range : 2 °C to 40 °C / 34 °F to 104 °F
Humidity : 5% - 90% relative, no condensing
Order Management Sequencer benefits
  • Throughput: 2-3 x higher than conventional shuttle or miniload systems (Fixed sequence mode)
  • Scalability: Variable for opimal throughput, sequencing and staging
  • Layout: Adaptable to an existing building
  • Flow: Precise sequencing
  • Back-up: Easy access for maintenance and manual access to inventory
  • Availability: High redundancy, interchangeable technology