layer de-palletizing solutions


High-Performance layer de-palletizing solutions for Warehousing and Intralogistics. Together with capable robots or gantries, vacuum layer gripping systems increase the production output in the automated handling of layers in various industries. Individually planned systems guarantee an optimal process integration and ensure a quick return on Investment.

Vaculift combines layer de-palletizing gripper & control system to streamline the building of pallets with layers of single sku’s at distribution centers. The Vaculift de-palletizing system can handle up to 250 layers per hour. The Vaculift gripper can be combined with all brand of palletizing robots, which are suitable for the weight, center of gravity and inertia of the Vaculift gripper.

Gripping / Release time product specific approx.. 2 5 sec. / 1 3 sec
Interface: Clamping
Height adjustment
- electric motor or pneumatic
- electric motor
Product height: max. approx. 600 mm min. 200 mm
Vacuum circuits Dual circuit system optional: Single circuit
Layer height detection Standard with light curtain
Specifications VACULIFT
Up to 250 layers phr (depend on lenght gantry system)
Load weight:
Layers up to 300 Kg (it is possible to lift also 2 layers at once)
Pallet sizes:
1200 x 800 mm
1200 x 1000 mm
1200 x 1200 mm
Load types:
Cardboard boxes, combipacks, bottles, cans, glasses etc.
Shrink wrapped goods (primary and secondary packaging)
Packaged goods in closed trays and open trays
Cooled and frozen goods
Intermediate layers made from cardboard, plastic or foam
Intermediate layer separation as an
Operating environment
Temperature range : 2 °C to 40 °C (34 °F to 104 °F)
Humidity : 5% to 90% relative, no condensing

Packaging & Layers